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Matt Tennant March 28, 2014 at 03:17 PM
Well, he agreed with that letter he sent. Then didn't when your neighbors decided thatRead More"looking " like we didn't have a problem was better than actually confronting the problem in the first place. The whole "not near my schools" argument is ridiculous. If not there, then you find a spot on our map NOT near a school within ten blocks. Good luck.
jon bay April 04, 2014 at 07:15 PM
Don't waste your time blogging about it. Attend every School board meeting,ask them DIRECTRead Morequestions ,DEMAND answers,and NEVER take them for their word. They must be forced to tell the truth!
Matt Tennant April 08, 2014 at 02:28 AM
They won't do shit. And you know it. Try and demand a direct answer, they'll give you a line aboutRead More& quot;protecting staff identities" or some shit.
John Castelli March 27, 2014 at 09:08 PM
March 27, 2014 Richard Schaffer, Town of Babylon Supervisor 200 E. Sunrise Highway Lindenhurst,Read MoreNY 11757 Dear Mr. Supervisor Shaffer, I write this as protest against the seeming approval shown by the local municipality towards the renting of the convent at Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH) to be used as a drug rehab facility. I think it is ludicrous to have such a facility located within our Village in such close proximity to the Lindenhurst Middle School as well as Alleghany Avenue Elementary School. I am aware of the drug problem currently going on in the Lindenhurst High School and throughout our community. To have a court mandated drug rehab a stone’s throw from where my son attends the Middle School and where my daughter attends preschool shows a lack of concern of the part of the local municipality. I write this letter as a concerned parent, taxpayer and citizen of this Village. There are other means and measures to get the point across to our children and the community in regards to drugs in our Village. For starters, it should be taught in the schools. There are NO programs for drug prevention. I am all in favor of supporting my community and children in the stand against drugs but this is not the way to do it. If you think you have empty storefronts now in the Village imagine what it will look like if there is a drug rehab facility in the middle of the Village. Not only would you have to deal with the empty storefronts you will also have to deal with the number of people who will move out of the community due to this facility. Lindenhurst will become a ghost town. For Richard Nathan to say he spoke on behalf of everyone in the community is an outrage. Richard Nathan did not call my home or write me a letter asking for my support in this decision. Richard Nathan should resign or be fired immediately for him endorsing this facility. In his most recent statement he rescinds his support, which proves he did not do his due diligence on the issue and should be fired for this. He was more concerned with the fact that this letter was made available on social media than he was with the consequences of having this facility in OUR town. As far as I am concerned Richard Nathan put my children in harm’s way! I as a homeowner am bewildered by the fact that the local municipality is considering or is willing to allow this to happen. This mystified citizen is largely concerned that our rights are being taken away little by little to favor special interest groups without any concern for the impact of our children and the Village of Lindenhurst. Sincerely, John Castelli c: Thomas A. Brennan, Mayor Michael A. Lavorata, Deputy Mayor Darrel J. Kost, Village Trustee Joan M. Masterson, Village Trustee Maryann Weckerle, Village Trustee Richard Nathan, Lindenhurst Schools Superintendent Rev. Msgr. Joseph DeGroco, OLPH News 12 Newday Lindenhurst Patch
David Woods March 28, 2014 at 01:08 PM
I have been informed that the Town will not be moving this counseling program to the convent. TheyRead Morea pparently will be moving some other services currently located at the Town Hall Annex to the convent. These include the Green Homes program which I suggest everybody look into if they are interested in making their homes more energy efficient at minimal if any cost. Those types of offices should be a welcome addition to our downtown if only to increase the potential customer base of the nearby storefronts. I want to also congratulate all those who reacted to this issue. It went far beyond the few postings above with a very positive net result.
kidz003 April 06, 2014 at 08:34 AM
Lets remember on Saturday mornings children do go to religious education classes there .. I am Read Morenot happy about that .
GW96 March 27, 2014 at 11:56 AM
I am bothered by loudmouth's who come here to offer nothing except useless chatter and apparentlyRead Moreha ve nothing better in life to do than waste time sitting in front of the computer and pretending to be a know it all. Claudia, let me explain something to you....I work 60hrs a week in the city and commute another 15hrs a week to and from. I have 4 kids, that all do 10 different things on top of school. If you think I have time to make it to a useless Village Board meeting to sit and listen to things I couldn't care less about then think again. If you have time to attend these useless meetings or belong to one of these useless groups then good for you....you must have a lot of free time. The rest of us live in 2014 where the online world is where most everything gets done...hence the entire reason for this website and not a physical newspaper showing up to your door everyday. I have absolutely zero interest in going to anything to do with Lindenhurst, no interest in any of the useless village board members or any of the ridiculous and useless village politicians. This town is a hole that I am stuck in until I can figure out how to unload a house that was severely damaged by Sandy. Until that point where I can get my family out of this dump of a town I am stuck here, and the last thing I want is for this corrupt piece of crap village to be putting a cell tower 15' from a playground that my kids play at. If you have nothing constructive to offer than DO NOT post...nobody cares about your opinions and as I mentioned I don't have time to sit and read/listen to your loudmouth comments or to tolerate your minuscule IQ. If you are such a giant expert on village happenings and attend all of the useless meetings than do you know if there is a cell tower going up?? If not SHUT UP!!
claudia_pieroni April 01, 2014 at 03:49 PM
Dear GW96 The only thing that is useless are people who wine and kibitz on public forums withoutRead Morelif ting a finger to proactively do something. Take your own advise to heart "If you have nothing constructive to offer than DO NOT post...nobody cares about your opinions"
David Woods April 02, 2014 at 07:20 AM
GW96 - And you think bitching like a little school girl is constructive? BOO HOO! Grow a pair andRead Morewo rk for the betterment of your community if you think it stinks so bad. You apparently have enough time in your life to write the diatribe you seem to relish so much. Remember, nothing happens unless you are INVOLVED and I am not just talking about crying like a baby on some online forum. I have children, I have three jobs and I lost my home in Sandy. But I still find time to help this Village where I can because it's the right thing to do for me, my children and my community. How's the Hope and Change doin for ya? I think CVS has a sale on tissues and diapers...better hurry!
concerned citizen March 14, 2014 at 08:33 AM
Thank you Ali, I agree. I don't know if other people received the same call, but I just wanted toRead Morema ke people aware of this.
Gail Tonnessen March 14, 2014 at 10:01 AM
It is a total scam - these same people call me at least one every 3-4 months...you're right - justRead Moreh ang up.
Anthony Walmer March 14, 2014 at 02:46 PM
I would echo what Ali & Gail said and add that Microsoft, or any other company like that, willRead MoreN EVER contact you directly to tell you about a malware issue on your computer. Too many people fall for this scam so props to you for trusting your instincts. If you have any questions or would like more info please feel free to call MYSupportPRO, a local Lindenhurst business, at 631.467.2573 or request a call back at http://www.mysupportpro.net/contact-us.html .
massapequa mom March 12, 2014 at 10:43 AM
A great group of intelligent hard working kids, an amazing thing this group does1 Lets supportRead Moretheir efforts