BBQ Bethren to Cook Sat. for Lindy Sandy Victims at Camp Bulldog

The BBQ Bethren will cook for Sandy-ravaged Lindenhurst residents on Saturday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. at South Wellwood Avenue and Orchard Street.

One Lindenhurst native has rallied The BBQ Brethren, an online backyard and competition barbecue forum for backyard enthusiasts and seasoned veterans, to come and cook at Camp Bulldog on South Wellwood Avenue at the site of The Wellwood Grille, which was set to reopen this week under new management.

After hearing about The BBQ Bethren's efforts in Long Beach last week where they cooked more than 12,000 meals for Hurricane Sandy first responders and victims, and the group's Sandy efforts in Babylon the week before, Alix Marchetti contacted the group about Sandy-ravaged Lindenhurst.

And thanks to her efforts this week, as well as "the quick the response and teamwork from Camp Bulldog, we were able to make it happen for this Saturday, November 17, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.," Marchetti wrote in an e-mail to Lindenhurst Patch on Thursday.

She added The BBQ Brethren won't be providing side dishes, or beverages, so people are encouraged to bring those, if they can.

She also posted this information on Thursday in the Facebook group LI Hurricane Sandy Support and Information.

The rest of her post - which Marchetti shared with Patch with updated information that this is just for Lindy residents, so ID might be required - reads as follows:

"Great News for Lindenhurst

"I was just contacted by the event coordinator for The BBQ Brethren, the largest association of BBQ and grilling enthusiasts in the world.

"Last week, they brought their smokers to Long Beach and cooked more than 12,000 meals for first respondents and victims. The week before, they did the same for Babylon.This week we arranged for them to do it for Camp Bulldog at The Wellwood Grille Hurricane Relief - South Wellwood Avenue and Orchard Street in Lindenhurst.

"Thanks to the quick response and teamwork from Camp Bulldog, we were able to make it happen for this Saturday, November 17, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

"These award-winning pitmasters are going to cook up some turkey, true Southern pulled pork and smoked pork loin, and ham (if they can get the ham supply in time), and plan on feeding up to 1,500 people.

"We'll also have Derrick Prince from Fox’s MasterChef creating some great soups for you on site.

"Beverages and side dishes will not be provided so please bring, if you're able.

"Please get the word out to all Lindenhurst residents and first responders. There'll be much deserved media coverage, and it'll be an event to remember.

"Please get the word out, and if there are any questions, or inquiries, please email me at annmarchetti@gmail.com."

For more information residents could also message Marchetti on Facebook by clicking here, and residents could also find out more information on Facebook on the LI Hurricane Sandy Support and Information group page.

For more information about The BBQ Bethren click here for the online forum and here for the Facebook page, where photos of the group's efforts in Long Beach are posted.


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