Video Depicts Lindy Residents' Strength after Sandy

It underscores the destrruction of the hurricane on Lindenhurst, and residents' resolve to better rebuild to protect against future storms.

Lindenhurst residents living South of Montauk Highway were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

However, the entire community has come together to help each other clean up and begin to pick up the pieces after the storm's record high tidal surge/flood waters took out waterfront homes and a lifetime of memories of residents who've recently moved here and lived here for generations.

One video on YouTube called Hurricane Sandy Lift Project not only shows the devastation Sandy wrought on the community, but also the strength and resolve of Lindy residents to help each other rebuild better than before in a way that would allow the community survive another Sandy.

"On October 29th, 2012 the South Shore communities of Long Island were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The storm surge pushed tidal levels to the highest ever recorded. This event will be the positive catalyst to rebuild our waterfront communities to insure that destruction of this magnitude will never occur again," said the video's YouTube page.

The video also highlights raising houses along the shoreline as one viable way to protect against flood waters in the future.

It references a website, SouthShoreLiftProject.com, which discusses this, noting elevation of at-risk properteries along the waterfront "is the only sustainable and economically viable solution to protect against potential future disasters."

And it further pointed out, "Elevated houses survived with little to no damage relative to their unelevated counterparts, many of which were destroyed in part or whole."

For more information about the Project and its mission, visit the website here, take a look through the Lindy Lens at the video featuring some of Lindenhurst's residents.


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