Sandy Storm Stories: First-Grader Ryan S.

Students read storm story essays aloud to hundreds at Lindy Community Forum this month.

The Lindenhurst School District presented a night of Lindy Pride during its June 12 Community Forum, a part of which featured many students from throughout the district reading essays their wrote after their ordeals in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Many of the students invited to speak during the meeting had their homes damaged during the storm. Superintendent Richard Nathan invited each to read their essay to the crowd and presented them each with a book to thank them for writing such a memorable account of their "storm stories."

Patch will be bringing you video recordings of the students reading their accounts over the next few weeks. This edition features Harding Avenue first-grader Ryan S.
F. DiMacci June 19, 2013 at 08:43 AM
How much of his $300,000 salary did Nathan contribute for Lindy resident storm damage? Wake up Lindy people: You're being played for fools and these poor children are being used as pawns.


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