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Lindy Blogs of the Week Feb. 17: Sandy Help, Snow Removal, Real Estate

The week in opinions and know-hows from your neighbors includes a look at Lindenhurst real estate, an op-ed about snow removal at Albany Avenue Elementary School and rebuilding tips for Sandy victims.

What are your neighbors thinking about? Is a national-news story piquing the interest of the neighborhood or is someone simply sharing their insight on every day life?

No worries if you missed the past week, since we've collected the top blog posts across our local Patch sites in one convienent place.

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Short Sale and Bank-Owned Properties Market Report for Lindenhurst
Real estate agent Jackie Connelly-Fornuff described in this blog post the homes that are listed as short sales and bank-owned properties in the area.

She also explained what short sales and bank-owned properties are.

"Currently there are 179 homes on the market in Lindenhurst. Fifty five of these homes are short sales, and two are bank-owned (REO) properties. Prices of the short sale homes range from $80,000 for a three-bedroom Cape on Willow Lane to $210,000 for a three-bedroom Cape on Linton Avenue. The majority of these short sale homes are priced between $100,000 and $199,999," she wrote.

Snow at Schools Not Cleared
Lindenhurst resident Sheryl Burgess wrote about how school walkways in the School District weren't properly cleared the Monday after the Friday, February 8, blizzard.

"This morning my daughter called to tell me she fell with her five-month-old in her arms while taking her nine-year-old to school at Albany Avenue Elementary School. The walkway to the school entrance hadn't been shoveled, but the shools were open," she wrote.

What About Storm Water Management?
The Long Island Builders Institute went in depth about how to manage storm waters during the next big storm. This is especially key after Hurricane Sandy swept more than five feet of water onto the shorelines of Long Island on October 29.

Tips included how to avoid contamination of the waters that hit your home and drain into the basins.

"Take your car to the car wash instead of washing it in the driveway at home. As strange as that seems, it helps prevent pollution," the LIBI wrote. "Always check your car for leaks, and don’t forget to recycle your motor oil."

Tip of the Week: Mold Removal
The LIBI also wrote about tips to help homeowners hit hard after Sandy with mold remediation.

"Moisture causes mold, plain and simple. The key to controlling an existing or future mold issue is to control all moisture. Mold has the ability to feed off of almost every building material so it’s nearly impossible to eliminate a feeding source all together. The best way to eliminate mold problems is to remove any water issues," the LIBI wrote.

Six Questions to Ask Before Moving Your Business
Staurt Walton, a property manager of Greenway Plaza Office Park, gave his take about those looking to move their businesses, and what should be thought of before taking the big move.

"It's crucial to understand what you'd like to gain from your move," he wrote. "Consider the size, the area and the price range you'd ideally like in a new office space."

What's Your Story? Meet Chantay
Lindenhurst author and blogger Christina Fifield-Winn introduced the public to another character in her latest book, Suki.

"This hopeless romantic grew up believing her mother had mind-reading/super-hearing powers, because 'she always knew, or had some idea of what I was about to do,'" she wrote about Chantay.

Updating Heirs on Your Accounts
Jon L. Ten Haagen, CFP, discussed the importance of reviewing your will annually to ensure everything's in order and your beneficiaries continue to reflect your current wishes.

"This is especially important if there've been changes in your life, such as the birth of a child or grandchild, a death in the family, a divorce or a remarriage," he wrote.

"But even if your family situation remains the same, then it’s a good idea to review whether you've completed and updated all appropriate beneficiary forms," he suggested.

Setting the Price of Your Home to Sell
Local real estate agent Kristin Schuster continued her column about how to prepare your home for sale with this week's tips about how to set the right price for your most valuable possession.

"All real estate agents should be bringing a comparative market analysis of your home when they come to meet with you to list your home," she wrote.

"Real estate agents use a similar system to what the banks will be using to determine your value. These are the main characteristics in importance order that you'll want to be using," she advised.


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