Lindy Blogs of the Week Feb. 24: Home Security, Baking, Real Estate

The week in opinions and know-hows from your neighbors includes a look at a home's first line of defense - neighbors - plus some real estate and baking tips.

What are your neighbors thinking about? Is a national-news story piquing the interest of the neighborhood or is someone simply sharing their insight on every day life?

No worries if you missed the past week, since we've collected the top blog posts across our local Patch sites in one convienent place.

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Does Your Neighbor Have Your Back?
Blogger Kevin Raposo wrote about keeping your home safe by simply knowing your neighbors, citing up to two-thirds of people feel safer in their homes by simply knowing who their neighbors are.

He links to several stories throughout the nation where neighbors have come to others rescue when an emergency appeared.

"Watch groups are great for fostering community, raising awareness and getting the word out about dangerous situations," he said about neighborhood watch groups.

"However, it's important to make sure that your watch group doesn't create a dangerous situation," he said.

Value versus Features in Real Estate
Real estate agent Kristin Schuster wrote about the differences in adding value and extra features in your home, which can be worth many more dollars when selling your home.

"There are of course some exceptions where the rules will change slightly. It's not always as simple as adding and subtracting based on this 'value,' 'feature' criteria because each home's value is based on the comparable homes in the area," she wrote.

My Recent Baking Obsession Has Led Me to Hamantaschen
Blogger Nikki Alexandra wrote about her recent baking obsession, in which she said she's bought more baking supplies in the last few months than others have bought during the last several years.

"Since I'm a perfectionist, and like everything to be done right the first time, I always take much longer to prepare and complete a recipe than each one indicates," she wrote.

"If a recipe claims the finished product will be ready in two hours and 15 minutes, as this one does, then it'll probably take a minimum of three," she said.


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