Residents Report More Flooding in South Lindenhurst

Lindy residents say a number of streets South of Montauk Highway have flooded again as a result of the Winter storm that's been impacting the area since Wednesday.

As the day started on Friday - the third day a Winter storm packing high winds, coastal flooding, rain and snow was taking aim at the area - Lindenhurst residents and readers of Patch have reported flooding once again down South.

They reported widespread flooding on Thursday, as well, and the Village of Lindenhurst expressed concern about last night's and Wednesday night's high tide, too.

This flooding added insult to injury in an area hit hard after Hurricane Sandy on October 29.

Here's what some of them who live South of Montauk Highway from the Village to Venetian Shores and the Venice have described overnight and as they awoke on Friday morning on Patch's Facebook page, here, here and here, and Twitter feed, @LindyPatch:

Lisa Patto @LongIslandGrl: "Just drove down to Venetian Boulevard a few minutes ago (Thursday evening). There's still major flooding going on there. Spruce street is really bad."

Carol Rempe Grubel: "West Lido in the Venice flooded again (Thursday evening). We had a few hours today where you could get out, and now we're stuck once more. Wonder what tomorrow morning will bring?"

Marie May Bonge: "I live two blocks South of Monauk just off East Shore Road. So far my street is fine (Thursday evening), but definitely nervous ever since Hurricane Sandy. Keeping everyone in our neighborhood in my thoughts and prayers tonight!"

Angela Vanleuvan Simpson: "Surf Street's now flooded (early Friday morning)!"

Celeste Miller Jinks: "South Eighth flooded (early Friday morning)."

Dawn Marie: "Arctic Street's totally flooded (early Friday morning)."

Rocco Patto: "South of Montauk in the Venetian [area] was a mess this morning; lots of flooding (Friday morning)."

Yvonne posted on Friday morning on Patch here, "West Lake Drive and Elm is flooded."

Darlene Fantel posted on Friday morning on Patch here, "Our home is positioned approximately 100 feet north of Ray Fais' picture. News12 filmed from our home on dry land late afternoon into early evening Wednesday. High tide Thursday morning. South Bay Street had some flooding, but it didn't reach our property. Friday morning high tide, nothing to talk about. After Sandy, this was a walk in the park! Hello Spring!"

Angela Vanleuvan Simpson posted on Facebook later Friday morning, "Surf Street was under water. I had to get a friend to drive my son to school. The bus didn't come down street! Water going down now!"

Tracy Burmeister also submitted the accompanying photo of the flooding on Friday morning at Venetian and Spruce.

As the Winter storm progresses and moves through the area, what are your experiencing? How's the flooding by you? Any wind damage? Snow?

Share in the comments section, below, and be sure to share your photos and videos here.

You could also e-mail barbara.loehr@patch.com, and log onto Lindenhurst Patch's Facebook and Twitter pages. And you could also post them in the Pics and Clips gallery here - yours could be the next Lindenhurst Resident Photo of the Day!

Stay safe, Lindy!


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South of shore road March 08, 2013 at 04:48 PM
Maybe the town will take notice greets south of shore road get flooding when it rains hard Does the town do anything nope Collect taxes and do nothing But they post how wonderful it is to have a grant to hang more flowers lining the street of wellwood Umm who cares about flowers protect our houses and streets
John March 08, 2013 at 10:04 PM
The town needs to fix the sewers. That is we're the majority of the water comes from
Debra March 09, 2013 at 01:46 PM
Lindenhurst Village loves to be a seaside community and keeps on collecting those village taxes but forgets about the people down by the water during rain, snow and wind storms. Keep piling the snow drifts in front of my driveway, Lindenhurst while the Village leaders are safe and sound.
ann March 09, 2013 at 02:16 PM
it is day 3 of the flooding. the water is 10in in front of my home about 4ft up the walkway. contractors came to do work on my home and left. brook and shorewalk is a majority area. we ask for government assistance in this matter. help us.
Juan Calderon March 10, 2013 at 08:27 AM
Lake st has been flooding twice a day for the last couple of days! Definitely nervous since we just finished rebuilding from Sandy!


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