Village Hires Architect To Rebuild New Firehouse

Marty Sendlewski will design new building at a cost not to exceed $262,500.

The next step in rebuilding the aging main firehouse in Lindenhurst Village was taken recently as the village board hired an architect to design the new building.

According to Newsday, Riverhead-based Marty Sendlewski will design the new firehouse at a cost not to exceed $262,500.

Sendlewski is familiar with the Lindenhurst firehouse and the structural problems it faces. In June, Patch reported that Sendlewski was brought in to review the integrity of the building. Working with a committee appointed by Mayor Tom Brennan, the architect and committee members founds rusted steel girders and water logged soft spots in the firehouse’s roof. In addition, the brick façade is also unstable and has required scaffolding to keep residents safe.

Other problems include limited headroom in the bays causing the ambulances to go out the back, and narrow spacing between vehicles that make navigating the firehouse as firefighters prepare to head out on calls very tight and unsafe.

At a meeting in June, village officials said rebuilding the firehouse at its present location would keep taxpayer costs at a minimum. In addition, its central location also allows the fire department to best serve area residents, village officials said.

"The firehouse is centrally located, and with ambulance calls increasing each year, and the number of calls each year increasing, this just makes sense," Brennan said earlier this year. "It wouldn't be fair to move it too far north or too far south.”

According to LFD officials, the 243-member volunteer department answered 2,901 calls last year, and is on track to answer roughly 3,000 calls this year. The majority of calls are rescue calls, and average response time is 6:25 versus the Suffolk County average of 9:30.

Thomas Aydin December 23, 2012 at 02:52 PM
There is no need to build a firehouse. There is a firehouse on Hoffman Avenue. This will only increase taxes while adding no value to the Village. With ever increasing taxes, there will be no one left in Lindenhurst to rescue. What a waste of taxpayer dollars.
Outside looking in January 09, 2013 at 05:03 PM
Thomas you are so wrong....yes, there is a firehouse on Hoffman Avenue at Delaware, that already houses 3 fire trucks and the fire police truck. Where do you propose they put the fire truck, heavy rescue truck, and 2 ambulances that are currently housed in the firehouse on Wellwood Avenue? You seem to forget that this is a VOLUNTEER organization, Ask those that needed to be rescued from their homes during Superstorm Sandy if the fire department is worth $40 a year. And in response to Carmine's question, the Village Hall Museum will be relocated to the train depot museum on Broadway, south of Hoffman.
Valerie McKenna January 09, 2013 at 06:42 PM
The Lindenhurst Fire Department with their quick response to the scene south of Montauk Highway prevented our neighborhood from becoming Breezy Point. In addition, they organized a food and clothing drive to aid the famllies in the aftermath. They also delivered hot food on their rigs which made the people safe and secure due to the looting that was being done. We are so fortunate to have such caring wonderful men and women who volunteer their time so that we may be safe. Having them feel safe and secure in their own house should be of utmost importance.
Rick January 09, 2013 at 07:37 PM
The fire dept. could afford to build a new fire house if everybody and his brother did'nt have one of those giant gas sucking gmc suburbans that they use to do everything but fire dept business.My uncle Smitty was a bay rat and he drove his own car to the fires for thirty years.The chief should be the only one with the new truck.not assistant chief and assistant to the assistant chief so on and so on they are robbing the tax payers of Lindenhurst ,thier thieves not heroes we need a better system that is accountable to the people
Outside looking in January 09, 2013 at 07:54 PM
How come "uncle Smitty" wasn't riding the fire truck like firemen are supposed to do?


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