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Noreaster Brings More Flooding South of Montauk in Lindy

Village officials say waters are receding with Thursday morning's tide.

The Noreaster that hit Lindenhurst and the rest of Long Island overnight has brought with it some coastal flooding to South of Montauk Highway - an area that's already been devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

More Flooding
According to Ray Fais, the emergency coordinator for the Village, "We got a lot of flooding South of Shore Road, as well as the numbered streets South of Montauk Highway - all of the normal places we flood."

Fais told Lindenhurst Patch on Thursday morning the flooding reached "just about four feet."

Normal coastal flooding for this type of Noreaster usually reaches three to 3.5 feet, he said.

The flooding halted the Village's cleanup efforts South of Montauk Highway, which has been continuous since last Wednesday, when the last of the astronomical high tides associated with this time of year and with Sandy receded.

Fais also said today's coastal flooding as a result of the Noreaster was beginning to recede this morning as the tide started going back out.

"We're hoping that by right after lunchtime, we'll be able to get back to work on the cleanup," he said.

In addition, in terms of the several inches of snow Lindenhurst received, Fais said, "We cleared what snow was needed so the schools could open, but the schools aren't open today."

And the temperatures are rising as the day wears on he said the Village's should be okay.

Getting Back to Cleanup
The bigger concern was the flooding and getting back to the cleanup.

Ahead of the storm on Tuesday Mayor Tom Brennan and Fais told Patch the Village was trying to clean up as much as possible in the areas that have now flooded again.

"We've been out cleaning up, and especially ahead of this next storm," the mayor said.

"But it's been a very slow process. In some cases we've spent a day on one street. For instance on South Bay Street there was a large pile to move, where two houses blew apart," he said.

Getting Help
But payloaders and large dump trucks have been out in force getting as much cleaned up as possible. And the mayor said on Tuesday Patchogue Village Mayor Paul Pontieri was sending a crew for Wednesday.

"The outpouring from everyone has been amazing, and I'm not turning down any help. OLPH Church is also bringing us some generators through Catholic Charities," Brennan said.

The mayor also said the state of emergency for the Village is still in place, and LIPA was South of Montauk, to various houses, on Wednesday and the previously announced no-cost, but mandatory electrical inspections there began the same day. And they continue on Thursday.

"People are also starting to get their gas back there," he said.


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