Village Displays New Stormwater Filtration System

Filters near Firemans Park turn stormwater into near-drinkable water before entering the pond.

The Village of Lindenhurst showed off a new $50,000 stormwater filtration system that is designed to help cleanse storm runoff headed for Fellers Pond at Firemans' Park.

The new system, produced by AbTech Industries, Inc. and installed by Bimasco at three locations near to the pond, filters incoming water from east of Wellwood Avenue as it heads down storm drains towards the outlet at the pond.

Workers from Bimasco explained to Mayor Thomas Brennan and State Assemblyman Bob Sweeney how the system worked.

The water filter blocks not only large objects like cans and leaves, but interior sponges soak up smaller contaminants like oil, dirt and gasoline, leaving purified water to exit the drain to the pond. The filters are easily accessible and allow the village quickly fix any potential problems as well as keep a village landmark from being contaminated.

The sponges require a once-a-year replacement.

"The whole system is pretty impressive," said Grant Hendricks, CEO of Bimasco. "It'll help keep the pond clean."

The installation and supplies were paid for by a Capital Assistance Grant through State Assemblyman Bob Sweeney's office, giving the village the necessary funds for the project. The whole project would have cost the village around $50,000 without the help of the grant.

The filters were installed at three locations: directly next to the pond at Fremont Avenue, another near Charles Avenue and Irmisch Avenue and the final in a runoff stream that heads into the pond close to the firefighters' racetrack.


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