Davis, CA School District Wins $100K in Patch Deck the House Contest

Lisa Alvarado's home in Lindenhurst was among the Top 24 finalists in the holiday lights contest along with the winning Powell family's home in Davis, California.

The votes are in for Patch's .

And while Lindenhurst resident made it into the finalists, and Lindenhurst really showed its Lindy Pride and voted all last week right up until the midnight deadline on January 8, the grand prize of $100,000 went to the Davis, California school district.

Thank you, Lindenhurst, for voting for the Alvarados' home  this past week. Thank you to the Alvarados and the other Lindenhurst residents who entered their homes in the contest. And thanks to everyone who got the word out about the contest and about voting.

It was really a wonderful show of community spirit and Lindy Pride as parents, kids, teachers and residents of all ages came together and really got the word out about the contest this past week, sharing it on Facebook and Twitter and via e-mail.

Superintendent Richard Nathan even urged Lindenhurst to vote at the most recent Board of Education meeting on .

Nathan said at the meeting, “In a time of budget uncertainty, $100,000 would go a long way in helping to preserve programs and services for the children of .”

Indeed, as Lindenhurst heads into a tough school budget season for the 2012-13 school year, it would've gone a long way. (Read about just how tough it might be , now that the new New York State is in place.)

But now that the Patch contest is done, this should give Lindenhurst residents the resolve to enter and vote in a bigger way next year.

And Lisa Alvarado and her family will be ready, previously telling Patch, "We want to decorate the sides of the house the same way as the front with strings of lights, and we want to computerize the music we have."

(Read more about the thought behind her home's holiday decorations and how her family used them to raise money for charity this year, .)


Editor's Note: There's a new Patch contest this week. It has to do with the Giants-Packers NFL playoff game this weekend. Read about it and enter here:

Good luck!



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