Video, Photos: 'Trinity' Joins the 'Derby Revolution'

Lindenhurst actress and stunt woman Stephanie Finochio, aka WWE's Trinity, is one of the stars of a new Long Island roller derby team.

Lindenhurst and stunt woman - also famous for her professional WWE wrestling persona Trinity - has taken on a new role as a jammer (scorer) for the recently founded, Suffolk County-based roller derby team Strong Island Derby Revolution.

Prior to taking on this new sports role, starred in the 2011 film . She's also starring in the upcoming indie film , which shot scenes at in Lindy this past .

"Roller derby is this amazing unique sport....I played sports my whole life since , and something about roller derby makes it so unique....It's so physical, it's rough, it's tough, [and] there's strategy involved. It's a great mental and physical sport. I love it," , a , told Lindenhurst Patch.

The team recently held and won its home season opener in Saint James 94 to 88 against the Worcester (Massachusetts) Warriors.

Check out the video and photos to see the highlights and hear what Finochio had to say.

More information about the team and roller derby on Long Island could be found on www.thederbyrevolution.com.


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