First Look: Aldi Supermarket Officially Opens

Patch was given a look inside of the fresh new supermarket on Park Avenue.

A little over a year after it was initially announced, German supermarket chain Aldi has opened its doors to the public in Lindenhurst.

The new Park Avenue store is located in a small strip-mall, along with Rite Aid and LA Fitness, and across from the Great South Bay Shopping Center in West Babylon.

The new supermarket features high-quality grocery goods with rather low prices, all a part of the company's drive to keep prices low through keeping the shopping process simple.

"We are pleased to bring our first store to Lindenhurst to help customers get high-quality products at everyday low prices," said Bruce Persohn, South Windsor division vice president for ALDI. “We challenge shoppers to switch from national brands to our high-quality exclusive brands and save up to 50 percent without compromising."

Aldi's exclusive brands go through testing before hitting the shelves and the store offers a double guarantee: full satisfaction or the store will refund your money and replace the product.

The new building, which was constructed on a piece of the strip-mall's parking lot, was constructed using recycled materials and uses energy-efficient lighting and cooling systems to be environmentally friendly as well as cost-effective.

The new Aldi Supermarket is the third on Long Island, with other locations now open in Lake Grove and Bay Shore.
Jackie Connelly-Fornuff, N.Y.S. Realtor May 30, 2013 at 11:34 AM
My husband bought spicy tortilla chips from Aldi last week and they were so good! I haven't been in the store yet but I will be soon.
Liz May 31, 2013 at 10:37 AM
Make sure you bring a quarter for the shopping cart & bring your own bags. They charge .10 a bag. It's well worth it.
Linda June 04, 2013 at 08:07 AM
I was told at the register after I was rung up, that they DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS. I didn't see the clerk putting all my food into another shopping cart WITHOUT BAGS. By the time I finished putting my things on the conveyer belt, and saw that nothing had been bagged, I was stunned. I was told that they bags were $1.99 each for the cloth bags, and that I needed to bring my own bags. But first time shoppers were being given a large cloth bag for free, but to bring it back next time I shop. I was speechless....no credit cards, no bags, and I had to take the cart to my car filled with loose food - and 1 filled cloth bag. Loose food all over the back seat of my car which was very dirty from transporting plants. And as you enter the store, there's a LONG LONG aisle of cardboard boxes filled with junk food, processed food. Fresh produce is in the middle & back of store and everything is packaged in styrofoam and plastic. Never going back.
Doris Bonforti June 06, 2013 at 07:45 AM
I can understand you being upset Linda because it took you unawares and probably on a bad day. Some of us are never without shoppping bags in the car to keep from using so much plastic and the .25 for cars is to keep them/us having to replace stolen and/or damaged ones. As for the plastic wrapings, other supermarkets do that too -- to a point -- the savings are a good deal and so far, I've found most of the products and brands to my liking. Look at all the people to go to Cossco and those stores, where you cannot even buy a single can of corn -- they are all wrapped in plastic and Aldi's saves us much more -- and all without needing to buy a membership. Nest time, just bring a doxen of your own regular plastic shopping bags that you undoubtadly have on hand and try them again.... ;))
Linda June 07, 2013 at 09:05 AM
Thank you for your reply, Doris. No I'll never go again. I don't believe that this store will last. Too bad Trader Joe's didn't do this. I never go to Costco or Bj's or Sam's Club. You spend way too much there. I do not like walking into a store and having to be FORCED down an aisle filled with cardboard boxes 5 feet high filled with JUNK FOOD, packaged chips, crackers, garbage food. I am fine with not using plastic bags, but I wasn't prepared to not have bags and I had to put loose food on a dirty back seat, and the dripping chicken WITHOUT a plastic bag was the final straw. I have an organic garden and do not shop middle of the store........but the perimeters of this store was all CRAP FOOD.


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